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Latent causes, sterile gauzes and the bedside morale

It has a strange allure

12 August 1977
I enjoy living the hardcore life.

Terror Alert Level


24, airports, alt.music.spice-girls, ambient, american psycho, amy wong, ann coulter/janeane garofalo slash, anti-feminism, anti-peta, anti-political correctness, arcade fire, asian chicks, bettie page, bible, big lebowski, bon voyage, books, brak, bret easton ellis, broken social scene, burning angel, charles bukowski, cheese enchiladas, chicks with glasses, chinese food, chuck palahniuk, coffee, comics, concrete enemas, corin tucker, css, cunnilingus, dave chappelle, david bowie, death, denis johnson, dia de los muertos, don delillo, dr. zoidberg, dressy bessy, emo girls, erotica, family guy, father ted, fight club, francisco de goya, futurama, geeky girls, get fuzzy, ghost world, girls with glasses, glasses fetish, gorillaz, goth girls, guns, halo friendlies, henry miller, hieronymus bosch, his name is alive, homer simpson, iggy pop, indie rock, interpol, irc, italian food, jack off jill, jenny lewis, jessicka, jesus christ, johnny cash, josie and the pussycats, king crimson, kurt vonnegut, lenore, lisa loeb, literature, lost, m.c. escher, marla singer, mexican food, mike watt, misanthropy, morbid humor, neil gaiman, nick cave, objectifying women, pavement, pin-up girls, pink floyd, pittsburgh penguins, pittsburgh pirates, pittsburgh steelers, poetry, punk girls, ranting, reading, rilo kiley, rion vernon, sandman, scarling, serial killers, shooting, slayer, sleater-kinney, snuff films, south park, spiritualized, squicking, starflyer 59, suicide girls, taxi driver, the godfather, the mars volta, the smiths, the white stripes, tim burton, torture, travis bickle, tyler durden, urban decay, velour 100, violence, violent femmes, web design, webcomics, ween, weezer, working out, writing, xhtml